Roof Cleaning Prices

If you’re considering roof cleaning in Oxfordshire or just moss removal in Oxford. This page will help with how much it costs to clean my roof in Oxfordshire.


This is based on an easily accessible property with a simple up and over (single envelope roof style) with an infestation level 3. This level 3 would mean some heavier areas of moss but not fully covered along with some moss growth on some of the tile joints. With no extension, garage or conservatory.


Prices include VAT.



Roof Cleaning Before Wallingford
Roof Clean after
Alfresco - Window Cleaning 3 Bed Oxfordshire



Alfresco - Window Cleaning 4 Bed Oxfordshire



Alfresco - Roof Cleaning 4 Bed Oxfordshire 2



Alfresco - Window Cleaning 5 Bed Oxfordshire



When considering roof cleaning this other items to take into consideration would be:

Gutter Clean from £140.00

Fascia and Soffit Clean from £140.00

Render cleaning from £462.00

Patio Clean subject to size

Driveway Clean subject to size

Solar Panels £11.00 per panel

PlantWash to protect your landscaping £170.00

Waste Removal £260.00

Cherry picker or Tower scaffold to gain safe access to the roof from £211.20


The above is a guideline for the cost of roof cleaning. We would always recommend a home assessment to check all of the above additional services before confirming a fixed price for you. We will always offer you a three-price option.

Working within the guidelines of the 5 Year roof warranty back by SoftWash Systems we would pre-wash the roof with 900 psi water to remove moss, surface dirt and grime. Followed by a rinse of the roof tiles. Then an application of our SoftWash solution to kill and suppress regrowth.


For a roof with a lower infestation of moss, an option of deMossing and SoftWash treatment is available. This process would take 6/12 months to look clean. This process doesn’t allow for our 5-year warranty. Please ask for more information.



3 Bed Detached Roof Clean before

Roof Clean before Newbury Berkshire

3 Bed Detached Roof Clean After

Roof clean after

5 Bed Detached Roof Clean Before

5 Bed Detached Roof Clean After