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Professional Graffiti Removal Service

Local, reliable graffiti removal company

If your property has been vandalised with graffiti and you’re looking for a reliable and locally trusted company that provides graffiti removal in Oxford and Oxfordshire areas, you’re in good hands with the technicians at Alfresco.

Using industry leading graffiti removal techniques and technology, we can not only successfully remove existing graffiti, but also protect it from future anti-social behaviour. As a professional cleaning company that operates as part of the Oxfordshire community, we’re committed to ensuring our local towns are clean and vibrant places to live.

Safer, Smarter Graffiti Removal Services

Being socially and environmentally driven, we utilise graffiti removal methods that are fully biodegradable. Our processes are drain safe, and our graffiti removal equipment is manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14002 standards. We also offer anti-graffiti protection for murals and artwork and have a range of anti-graffiti finishes.

Our graffiti removal processes are highly effective in removing spray paint, ink and marker pen graffiti. We can remove old graffiti, shadows and dye from a wide range of non-porous substrates including tiles, metals, glass, plastics and painted surfaces.

Heritage Graffiti Removal

Heritage graffiti removal is a process that has to be done correctly in order to produce results without also causing damage.

If a heritage site has been vandalised in the Oxford community, whether it be there for political, military, cultural, or social historic value, our team is committed to safely and effectively restoring it to its original appearance as a matter of urgency.

We can also provide graffiti removal for a historic site, such as buildings or structures that are of local, regional, or national significance. Learn more about our heritage cleaning services.

A Locally Trusted Graffiti Removal Provider

The technicians at Alfresco have been providing graffiti removal in Oxford and Oxfordshire areas since 1996. As a locally trusted company, you can rest assured that when you choose us as your graffiti removal company, you’ll be provided with nothing less than a punctual and professional service.

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