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If your building exterior is looking a little less vibrant than it once was and you’re looking for a trained, qualified and experienced company that provides SoftWash cleaning throughout the UK, you’re in good hands with the team at Alfresco.

Our team utilises modern cleaning techniques and high grade equipment in order to fully restore your building’s exteriors, elevations and linings. To give you the peace of mind that you’re in good hands with our team, we hold a number of qualification and accreditations, including:

  • SafeContractor Approval
  • A Worksafe Contractor
  • Qualified through the Construction Skills Certification Scheme
  • Check-a-Trade verified
  • Softwash Systems Authorised
  • Recognised by the Safety Schemes in Procurement
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    What is Softwash Cleaning?

    Softwashing is a cleaning method that removes organic growth and environmental buildup from building exterior, which may have accumulated over time. Unlike pressure washing systems which utilise a high pressure spray to tackle tough grime and dirt, a softwash system uses a chemical solution to remove Biofilms on exterior surfaces.

    A Biofilm consists of a group of microorganisms which often stick to exterior surfaces. They can form on living or non-living surfaces. Examples of Biofilm are algae, lichen and mould.

    Highly Concentrated Biocide

    These organic nuisances are by using something called a biocide, which is a chemical substance or microorganism that kills or controls the growth of living organisms. Softwash solution is a highly concentrated biocide which is HSE approved.

    Soft washing is so named to easily differentiate it from the often destructive and powerful process of Jet or Power washing.

    How Softwash Cleaning Works

    Simply put, soft washing is a revolutionary low-pressure treatment process used to deal directly with the root cause of organic staining on building surfaces, it is likened to a pest control rather than a cleaning process, although the bi-product is most definitely a clean and even sanitised surface which will stay cleaner for longer.

    Alfresco SoftWash use water-based, biodegradable chemicals on your building. They emulsify dirt and grime, break down bugs nests and webs as well as killing mould, mildew, algae and bacteria, sanitising the surface we are cleaning.

    Soft washing uses only one-third the water of pressure washing, lasts Three to Four times longer and doesn’t erode or damage the surface, like pressure washing often can.

    SoftWash Systems™ Good Stewards Programme

    Alfresco’s SoftWash division have signed up to SoftWash Systems™ Good Stewards programme which ensures all of our chemicals used for soft washing are:

    • Water Based
    • Low VOC
    • Biodegradable
    • Alkaline Stable
    • No Bio Accumulation

    If you have any exterior stone surfaces from Portland stone walls to Indian Sandstone patios and block driveways, you’re in good hands with the team at Alfresco. We’ve been providing professional stone cleaning in throughout the UK since 1996.

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    Alfresco exists to offer our customers cost effective and professional cleaning and restoration solutions delivered to the highest standards Utilising our highly skilled and accredited team of operatives, supervisors and hands-on management we stand out from all the rest by simply delivering exactly what we promise.

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